Never Do Sit Ups This Way

In the video below, observe this person doing sit-ups. See how her hands are clasped tightly behind her head? Never do this, under any circumstances. The amount of strain she’s applying to the muscles of her neck is terrifying, and it will absolutely wreck the joints of her cervical spine. I’m not showing you this simply […]

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What You Absolutely Must Know About Stomach Sleeping

Here’s what you absolutely must know about sleeping on your stomach: No matter how good you think it feels, it will eventually backfire. Turning your head to the left or right, and then resting it on a pillow is a movement/position that requires one side of your cervical muscles to work harder than the other. Over […]

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Should Teenagers Visit Chiropractors?

I conducted a small experiment this week by showing two spinal X-rays to nine different chiropractors. I asked them to review each film and tell me how old they think the patients are based solely on their spines. What I didn’t tell them was that the films actually belong to the same person… a 15-year-old […]

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How to Properly Position Your Car’s Headrest

If you’re involved in a rear end collision, the position of your headrest can play an important role in how your spine is affected.

At impact, the seat you’re in translates forward. This movement shifts the head backwards, stretching the neck. If your headrest is positioned too low, the head and neck will extend back significantly, which increases the forces applied to your cervical spine.


To properly position your headrest, elevate it to the point that it matches the top of your head.

It’s ideal to place the least amount of distance between the back of your head and the front of the headrest, so you may also have to shift the angle of your seat to a more upright position.

If you can reduce or eliminate the distance that your head travels during a rear-end collision, you can mitigate the damage caused by these types of accidents.


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