Don’t Blame it on the Onion Rings

When it comes to health problems, there can be a big difference between when it started and why it started…

I think that most people quickly associate the cause of their pain with whatever they were doing the moment it started.

heartattackA 60-year-old man grips his chest and collapses to the floor while eating onion rings. Did that one batch of onion rings cause his heart attack?

A 45-year-old woman herniates a disc while lifting a new bag of dog food from her trunk. Did lifting this particular brand cause her back problem?

While these events precipitated two very unpleasant health problems, it’s a mistake to consider them causal. Instead, a habit of eating poorly usually causes the heart attack… and a history of wear-and-tear on the spine allows for herniation of the disc.

Habits create outcomes. Don’t blame it on the onion rings.

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