What’s the Best Chair for Podcasting?

If you do a Google search for things needed to start a podcast, you’ll find helpful links like this, this, and this, offering great product suggestions for aspiring podcasters.

But my “chiropractic eye” noticed that one question was left unanswered… What’s the best type of chair for podcasting? 

Sound quality is certainly the most important thing to focus on while preparing your recording setup, but don’t neglect personal comfort. So put away the folding chairs, and invest in something that’s comfortable and ergonomic, while fostering great conversation between you and your guests/co-hosts.

The Best Podcasting Chair

If you’re going to be sitting down for several hours at a time, use an intelligently designed chair that promotes healthy posture and doesn’t induce back or neck pain.

I recommend the Capisco Chair (cuh-pee-scoe) by HAG. It has a saddle-shaped seat that improves blood flow to the legs, with adjustable height and horizontal depth.

It eschews conventional armrests, allowing you to be more closely oriented to your desk surface. This can be particularly helpful when you’re engaged in compelling conversation.

Another feature that makes this chair particularly useful for podcasters is the minimalist backrest. If your podcast happens to be recorded on video and streamed online, the backrest doesn’t stick out from the sides in a bulky or unsightly way.

If desired, you can also spin the chair around and sit on it backwards with your chest against the “backrest” (see video below).

And it just so happens that as of September 2017, this is the type of chair that Joe Rogan has chosen to use on the Joe Rogan Experience. So take it from a guy who sits down to interview guests for several hours a day, multiple times per week — this is the best chair for podcasting.

Of note, you might notice two different models: the Capisco and Capisco Puls. The Puls model is the cheaper and more minimalist version. It doesn’t have the same level of padding as the original Capisco. Apart from this, the chairs have identical functions.

Here’s a video promo of the chair in action:

Best Budget Chairs for Podcasting

I’ve always been a fan of the Herman Miller Aeron chair for conventional workplace desks. It offers tremendous postural benefits if you work at a desk all day. But not everyone has a $900+ office chair budget…

That’s why you might find the Argomax Ergonomic Chair appealing. It’s quite similar in functionality to the Aeron chair, and only costs $229.

Another option, particularly if you want the same type of seat that’s on the Capisco, is this BetterPosture Saddle Chair. It’s $199, and eliminates slouching by promoting upright spinal posture.

So if you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, or enhancing the podcast setup you’re currently using, I hope this article helps you choose ergonomic podcasting chairs for both you and your guests.

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