3 Examples of Posture Analysis

Building upon my previous post entitled The Power of Posture, I’d like to show you some examples of what I look for as as an Upper Cervical chiropractor when evaluating a patient’s posture. The four main indicators are head tilt, head rotation, shoulder height, and forward head posture.

These are sample photos of people (not patients in my office) that I found freely available on the Internet:

Left Head Rotation

High Right Shoulder

Take a look at your driver’s license photo… Flip through old snapshots of yourself… Look through pics from over the years and pay attention to your head position. Is it tilted to one side? Are your nose and chin pointed towards a different direction than your eyes? Does one shoulder appear higher than another?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I encourage you to consult with a chiropractor in your area to see if you are a candidate for care.