Over Half of Americans on Chronic Medications

52% of adult men take medicine for chronic problems.

66% of adult women take medicine for chronic problems.

25% of children & teenagers take medicine for chronic problems.

75% of seniors over the age of 65 take medicine for chronic problems.

Do you see a trend here? The USA is over-medicated! Americans buy more drugs than any other country in the world, and even medical doctors are beginning to tire of it. Daniel W. Jones, M.D. is president of the American Heart Association, and acknowledges “Unless we do things to change the way we’re managing health in this country … things will get worse instead of getting better.”

The way we’re “managing health” in this country is by treating symptoms. Symptoms are the last sign of an illness (not the first!) and to simply mask these warning signals with medication is a futile approach. The outcome being more and more people taking more and more drugs. BigPharma loves this, because it keeps them fat and happy.

After all, why make drugs that actually cure diseases when they can simply make drugs that “manage” them? The latter is infinitely more profitable.

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