An Interesting Fact About Your Nervous System


Did you know that your body is equipped with its very own gas & brake pedals?

A large portion of your nervous system has what’s called Sympathetic function. It controls the stuff that you never have to think about… things like sweating, heart rate, pupil diameter, and even urinary flow. It helps you handle stressful situations. Much of its duties involve increasing function, so it’s considered the “gas pedal,” or accelerator.

Your “brake pedal” is the responsibility of another part of your nervous system with Parasympathetic function. It controls the “Rest-and-Digest” functions of the body… things like maintaining and restoring energy, lowering blood pressure/heart rate, and actively monitoring digestion. Its duties primarily soften or reduce function.

Both of these nerve systems supply the same groups of organs and tissues, but cause opposite effects. Together they’re referred to as the Autonomic Nervous System.

Interestingly enough, spinal misalignments can cause your “gas & brake pedals” to function disproportionately. That’s why it’s so important to have your nervous system checked periodically to insure things are balanced.

Chiropractic adjustments can have a profound effect on nervous system function. So much, in fact, that within minutes of receiving the procedure, lung capacity increases, blood pressure improves, and peristaltic bowel sounds can be heard.

A very common “health effect” of the adjustment is improved sleep quality. Patients suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia report noticeable changes in their ability to fall asleep, and stay that way throughout the night. It’s quite remarkable!

Many people are completely unaware that their conditions can be helped through Upper Cervical Care. A primary assessment tool to determine if someone has an imbalance in their nervous system is computerized thermal imaging. This technology is available in my St Louis office.

If you’re suffering from health conditions like insomnia or high blood pressure, and you’re looking for natural solutions that don’t involve any more medication, Upper Cervical Care is a viable option to consider.

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