Tap Water Experiment – St. Louis, MO

Our body is made up of 70% water, so proper hydration is important! It’s not just the amount of water that matters, but the quality of water as well.

Sometimes when I tell patients to limit (or eliminate) their tap water consumption, they shoot me a very puzzled look, as if tap water flows direct to their homes from a pristine mountain spring.

This prompted me to conduct an experiment… I set a small frying pan on my stove, turned up the heat, and placed a tap water ice cube in the center. After watching the steam boil off, I took a picture of the result and pasted it above.

The water we drink should be pure. It shouldn’t have anything in it that leaves a trail. I can only speculate about the exact cause of this white residue, but I can say that whenever you drink tap water, this compound will bathe your cells, leaving a trail within your blood vessels and joints in a similar fashion.

If you’ve started to notice arthritic-like pain in the fingers and knees, try eliminating the tap water you drink for two full weeks. Instead, drink steam distilled or purified drinking water. These can be purchased for less than a dollar in gallon-sized jugs at any grocery store. Patients have told me that after doing this, the frequency and severity of their joint pain decreases. So it’s definitely worth a try!

After seeing this residue, you have to wonder what else is in our tap water?

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I completely agree with this, though I have heard drinking straight distilled water is less beneficial than having the original minerals found in spring water. Either way, you’re better off than with the tap water in so many of our cities.

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