8 Reasons NOT to Visit a Chiropractor

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-17-01-amIf you’re looking for reasons not to visit a chiropractor, here are eight of them!

1.) You don’t have a spine. If you’re born sans spine, there’s really no need to worry about spinal degeneration, is there?

2.) If you can’t see it, it must be fine. Skin, eyes, hair, teeth… These front-facing body parts are important because other people can see them. If a healthy spine was really that important, it wouldn’t be in the back.

3.) You love taking medication. Taking risks makes life more enjoyable! Dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, constipation, seizures, cancer, death… What’s not to like about side effects?

4.) Your insurance doesn’t pay for it. Money is for important stuff like Netflix, cigarettes, and gambling. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover it, maybe chiropractic care just isn’t necessary?

5.) They don’t prescribe drugs. Why would you want to go to a doctor who doesn’t think you need another prescription? (See #3.)

6.) They think lifestyle “stress” can make you sick. Apparently they’re not aware of bad genes. Everybody knows you only get sick because certain diseases just run in the family.

7.) They expect you to do stuff at home. They want you to make time for rest, exercise, and stretching. On top of that, they think you should change your diet. Evidently they don’t understand how busy you are…

8.) Besides, you’re impervious to mistakes. You eat just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with the way you’re living. Even if your “habits” are making you gain weight and age prematurely, that’s none of the doctor’s business! Their job is to get you out of pain so you can get back to doing the things that brought you there in the first place.


Bravo! Nicely done, doc. You have summed up the average American health care consumer….sad, but true!

Great stuff! I love #4… Netflix, cigarettes, and gambling… you had me chuckling on that one.

Great post doc! Unfortunately people seem to be largely reactive instead of proactive. So it definitely does seem odd to them when we encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.

Doc Stephie Rae Wednesday at 09:28

Hear! Hear!

Now that’s good stuff! Thanks for the post doc.

Great list… simple and so true!

Kevin Rowlands Wednesday at 21:59

brilliant. I wish i could be as intense with this as i am with Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University.

Patricia Swan Thursday at 08:08


Reno Chiropractic Monday at 18:51

Great article, at first I thought this is against chiropractic care.

pretty hilarious

Joseph Doughty, DC Tuesday at 05:57

Great headline to engage readers.
Great numbered list. Good for SEO.

Plenty of emotion and 47 tweets and counting.

Thanks for the inspiration

Dr. Vincent Casey Monday at 19:01

Hahaha great article.

Obviously teeth need whitening and straightening because looking good is more important than being healthy!!! Sadly, most people have never been educated about what is more important – looking good has been the most important thing to many people for many years! Who is responsible for that? I think the media has a little to answer for! If Chiropractors were able to get into schools regularly and introduce children to the concept (like dentists have done) thinking would change dramatically.

Purely brilliant. Thanks for putting this together.

WOW! Love it… If you do not mind, will translate in spanish for my website (of course, with its proper reference)… Do you mind?

This just doesn’t get old. I’ve read it a dozen times. Love it. Great job!

This is great and it’s our fault as DC’s

Funny, informational, Forward-able… I’m a Fan!

Perfect, just perfect! And very funny…I’m adding this to my Facebook page if I can figure how?…keep up the good work, we all need a laugh.

Here, here! I love it!

Hope you don’t mind if we drive a lot of traffic to read this through our Cross Platform Widget. Just want to show people the value of sharing.

I like it and will spread it widely, thank you for this.

Like it! Well done, Dr.! Hope you don’t mind if I re-post this.

Absolutely brilliant!! I want to share this with all my patients and friends. Thank you for posting this.

Love this! Very funny. I always say… “if you have a spine, you should have a chiropractor”! Well done

Ha! So true about the prescriptions!

Good one, Doc! We just keep educating, educating, educating.

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I started seeing a doctor back in the Late 60’s. My family and friends said I was crazy getting treatments. “They are all phony”, but I continued and felt better after adjustments. After 50 years I still go and recommend my friends when they need it.

Saw this and usually avoid for the sake of keeping my cool, but thanks for the lift instead.

Nice Doc. Do you mind if I use these on my office boards?

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[…] note: This blog post was originally written by Dr. Tanase for his Check the Neck blog…. but we thought it was amazing so opted to repost his great […]

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