How to Make Your Chiropractic Adjustment Last Longer

Not many people know this, but 60% of the cars Porsche has ever made are still on the road.

We can’t give Porsche all the credit for this though… Porsche owners contribute to this statistic as well. Together, expert engineering and responsible ownership have created this “built to last” reputation.

Last week I welcomed two more patients into the “One Year Adjustment Club” at my office. As the name implies, they’re now able to hold spinal corrections for a year. I don’t think that these patients are terribly different than anyone else… I believe that we all have the capacity to hold an adjustment for a long time.

Like Porsche owners and their cars, these patients simply practice “responsible ownership” of their bodies. They realize that the recovery process is a two-way street.

Efforts to help you get well are shared with your doctor, but maintenance of health is ultimately your responsibility.

We can do our part as chiropractors to help align the spine and restore balance to your nervous system, but it’s up to you to facilitate this process by making healthy lifestyle choices and abandoning harmful habits.

Here are nine ingredients that I consider to be essential for helping your chiropractic adjustments last longer:

It’s the chiropractor’s job to use:

  • Precision x-ray analysis
  • Clinical assessment tools that determine when an adjustment is/isn’t necessary
  • Accurate and effective spinal adjusting methods

It’s the patient’s job to:

  • Stay properly hydrated
  • Avoid abnormal mechanical stress/strain
  • Get appropriate amounts of nightly rest
  • Minimize consumption of unhealthy food
  • Perform the recommended at-home stretches/exercises
  • Exercise each and every day

YOU play a very important role in the healing process. You can’t expect outstanding results if you’re a just passive spectator. 2/3 of the process is up to you!


Just curious what to do when you can’t hold an adjustment for longer than 3 days?

    I will answer your question with a few questions of my own. Can you tell me if you’re seeing an upper cervical chiropractor or a conventional full-spine doctor? The possibility exists that you need a more specific adjustment, or that the adjustment you’re receiving is not complete. What criteria is your chiropractor using to determine when an adjustment is necessary? Factors that can impair a patient’s holding ability include occupational hazards, stomach sleeping, and chronic stress, among others.

I have a similar problem in that the C3 adjustments may hold for only 2 or 3 days and other times may hold for a few short weeks.

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