Is This Your Idea of a Chiropractic Visit?

“When I’d get there, someone would put electro-stim pads onto my neck. After a few minutes of that, a massage therapist would briefly rub my muscles. Once that was finished, the chiropractor would step in, pop my neck a few times, and walk back out. He’d be in my presence for about 20-30 seconds. They had me do that 2-3 times per week for about 3 months! There was no established goal in mind for my care; and no evaluation of my progress. The day I finally decided to leave was when he walked into the room and asked me how my lower back pain was doing. I was there because I hurt my neck – not my back!

The above quote came directly from a new patient describing an experience at her previous chiropractor’s office.

Like many people often do, she made a decision while experiencing significant pain. I certainly wouldn’t fault anyone for that; I’ve been in the same situation. But in that moment, all she wanted to find (during her admittedly cursory online search) was the first place that accepted her insurance and could see her that day.

As you can see, she eventually regretted this decision and started looking around for a different approach after spending time and money in an office that lost her trust.

So when the time comes that you begin searching for a chiropractor, I encourage you to be prudent with your choice.

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