How to Properly Position Your Car’s Headrest

If you’re involved in a rear end collision, the position of your headrest can play an important role in how your spine is affected.

At impact, the seat you’re in translates forward. This movement shifts the head backwards, stretching the neck. If your headrest is positioned too low, the head and neck will extend back significantly, which increases the forces applied to your cervical spine.


To properly position your headrest, elevate it to the point that it matches the top of your head.

It’s ideal to place the least amount of distance between the back of your head and the front of the headrest, so you may also have to shift the angle of your seat to a more upright position.

If you can reduce or eliminate the distance that your head travels during a rear-end collision, you can mitigate the damage caused by these types of accidents.


A very often overlooked preventative measure that can save you a lot of pain if you are ever in an auto accident.

Dr Doug

Dr Jill Winget Wednesday at 11:25

The position of the headrest is something that no one, other than the driver ever adjusts. It can literally be thin difference between coming out of a car accident un scathed.. or suffering bad back and neck pain for the rest of your life. It is definitely something that people should thing about doing, after all, it only takes a few seconds.

Very good information. Something I need to address with more patients. Thanks for sharing.

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