What You Absolutely Must Know About Stomach Sleeping

Here’s what you absolutely must know about sleeping on your stomach: No matter how good you think it feels, it will eventually backfire.

Turning your head to the left or right, and then resting it on a pillow is a movement/position that requires one side of your cervical muscles to work harder than the other. Over time, this creates a functional imbalance that alters muscle symmetry and thwarts midline stabilization.

Punishing the delicate joints/muscles of your neck in this manner, night after night, is a surefire way to create self-induced headaches and neck pain. When you fall asleep on your stomach, you’re basically giving physiology the middle finger.

If you’re paying for chiropractic care, one of the most unproductive things you can do is ignore this advice. Sleeping on your stomach after receiving a chiropractic adjustment is like rinsing your mouth with Mountain Dew after brushing your teeth.

So tonight, make a better decision and start sleeping on your back or side. Here’s how.

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