A Secret Form of Chiropractic Care?

From time to time, I’ll meet a chronic pain sufferer who experimented with conventional chiropractic care, but wasn’t thrilled with the results. So they gave up on chiropractors altogether, thinking we’re all the same.

But they’re doing themselves a disservice by thinking this way.

An alternative chiropractic method that I’m going to tell you about isn’t really a secret, but you may find yourself asking why you’ve never heard of it before…

It’s called Upper Cervical Care, and there are two things about this approach that set it apart from conventional chiropractic methods:

1) X-ray Analysis

Upper Cervical practitioners examine angles within the spine in a rather unique way. Using engineering principles, calculations are made from your spinal segments as they relate to the joints above and below. This highly specific approach enables spinal corrections to last much longer than generic manipulations.

The Benefit: Fewer treatments than standard methods.

Upper Cervical Views

2) Method of Contact 

Twisting, popping, and crunching sounds are often associated with common chiropractic methods. But with Upper Cervical Care, the adjustment is completely silent. A gentle touch behind the ear is the only sensation you’ll feel.

That’s perhaps what makes this approach the most intriguing. Whether you’re suffering from headaches or low back pain, the doctor’s point of contact doesn’t change. That’s where the engineering principles I mentioned above come in handy. Upper Cervical doctors are able to make full body improvements without any force applied to other parts of the spine.

The Benefit: No cracking. Individuals who aren’t fond of the “pop” they’ve seen or felt from standard chiropractic manipulation love this approach.

side posture

Where Can I Find an Upper Cervical Chiropractor?

There are over 2,000 practitioners worldwide. To find one in your area, click on the “practitioners” tab at UpCspine.com.

One Comment

Short and sweet and excellent explanation of the major differences upper cervical chiropractors provide. Perhaps, your readers are asking themselves: “If this procedure is so great, where did all the upper cervical chiropractors go?”

It’s not exactly short and sweet, but I have an answer: http://www.drzward.com/2012/04/where-did-upper-cervical-chiropractors-go/

Thanks, Dr. Tanase.

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