Rick Ankiel’s Head/Neck Injury

Take a look at what happened to St Louis Cardinal Rick Ankiel (#24).

As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, I know exactly how an injury of this nature can impact the nervous system. I am relieved that Rick’s hospital physicians did not find any fractures… but it’s important to note that just because there are no broken bones, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.

This is the way it goes some times… People get released from the hospital after an accident or trauma, only to develop health problems down the road directly related to the injury.

Headaches, ringing of the ears, blurred vision or dizziness, neck/shoulder tension, numbness/tingling into the arms, grip strength weakness, cold hands, and constipation are often the types of symptoms that develop weeks, months and even years after the traumatic experience.

Leaving a spinal problem uncorrected can set the stage for joint degeneration, disc deterioration and arthritis. These are problems that can’t be reversed. They’re permanent! The sooner you fix the problem, the easier it is to correct.