Will iPhone4 Improve Doctor-Patient Communication?

This video advertises one of the many new features of Apple’s iPhone-4: FaceTime. While the ad mainly emphasizes the interaction between friends & family, one can instantly recognize the impact it can have on doctor-patient communication.

This device may alter the entire landscape of how patients interact with doctors:

  • It can save patients valuable time and money by not wasting an entire evening in the ER for minor problems.
  • It can be an added revenue stream for doctors offering direct video consultations.
  • For patients, it can even be a new way to “meet” prospective doctors before deciding whether or not to schedule an appointment.

The way doctors and patients communicate is changing fast. More and more doctors today are using email, blogs, and Twitter to communicate with patients… So I love the direction that Apple is taking these devices, and I’m anxiously awaiting the June 24th release date.