Everybody Has Headaches, Right?


It’s tempting to assume that if other people we know have similar problems to ours, then it must be “normal.” But consider this… A lot of people die of heart attacks, but heart attacks aren’t normal. More and more people are developing cancer, but that doesn’t make it normal to get cancer.

While headaches might be common, they aren’t normal. Ever.

There are many different kinds of headaches. Migraine, tension, cluster, and sinus, to name a few. No matter what kind you may have, there’s a specific cause. It’s this cause that remains elusive to so many people, physicians included. In order to eliminate these headaches, it becomes absolutely essential to find whatever is causing yours.

Drinking all day and night at a Memorial Day BBQ leads to headaches for thousands of people. They’ll suffer the next day because high levels of alcohol in our blood stream is toxic, causing sensations of nausea, fatigue, and headache. These are not only the healing effects of detoxification, but they also serve as a warning to your body: “Don’t keep doing this to me.”

Such is the purpose of a headache… It’s a warning indicator that something’s wrong inside. This is why it’s important not to disregard them. Headaches are never okay… which may seem obvious to some, but not all people realize this yet.

Migraines are a common type of headache with many different triggers for people. For some, it’s stress-induced. Others experience migraines when they eat certain foods like chocolate, wine, cheese, or artificial sweeteners.

A common approach doctors take when their patients complain of migraines is medication. These drugs work to counteract the effects of migraines – but they don’t actually eliminate the cause… Which brings me to the purpose of today’s blog post.

There’s a common cause of headaches (sinus, tension, and migraines especially) seldom addressed by medical physicians: Upper Cervical misalignment. The impact that improper alignment of the head and neck can have on bodily function is extraordinary. It begins with restricted motion and strains muscles and ligaments, altering normal movement.

A structural balancing act occurs that can bend and twist spinal bones all the way down to the pelvis. When left uncorrected, this distortion begins to effect organ function. The amount of oxygen we’re breathing lessens as the ribs compress downward with reduced ability to expand. Blood pressure then changes, modifying the rate in which our cells receive nutrients. Impaired tissue function can tailspin into any number of symptoms, including… headaches!

The unique Upper Cervical procedure used at our St. Louis office is performed by fewer than 1% of chiropractors in the country. We’ve witnessed a high percentage of results with headache/migraine sufferers, and the best part is, we’ve done so without any medication or surgery.

While this procedure isn’t a “silver bullet” for every type of headache, it’s a safe and affordable solution that’s definitely worth experiencing. For more information, feel free to read through previous blog posts, or check out the video section above.