Can You Put Broccoli Seeds in a Smoothie?

After watching Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s podcast interview with Dr. Jed Fahey (Johns Hopkins University), I was compelled to begin growing my own broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts yield an incredible chemical called sulforaphane, which is associated with anti-aging and cancer prevention. (For a more detailed overview of sulforaphane, and how it’s produced with the help of glucoraphanin and […]

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The Question Your Doctor Will Never Expect You to Ask

The end of every prescription drug commercial includes a familiar message to the audience: “Ask your doctor if this medication is right for you.”  And depending on how busy your doctor is, they may actually sit down and discuss this with you. But there’s another (perhaps more important) question that you should ask during this conversation. It’s one they’ll […]

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Hastens – The Millonaire’s Mattress: Is It Worth the Hype?

Have a look at the most expensive mattress on the market today. It takes 320 hours to build, weighs 462 pounds, and can be yours for $149,900 (or just 7,499 payments of $19.99). What’s inside this marvel of bedtime technology, you ask? Let me summarize it for you… Fabric, cotton, wool, and horsehair. Then some more […]

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What’s the Best Collagen Peptide Brand?

Collagen peptides are growing in popularity amongst smoothie-makers and nutrition advocates. It’s known to help hair, skin, and nails, as well as reduce joint pain. Like most supplements, there are a variety of manufacturers to choose from… so I wanted to help you decide.

This comparison took me considerably longer than other product reviews because I felt that it required a slightly different methodology. The effect of collagen peptides, as well as their comparisons, couldn’t be adequately assessed with sample doses over a short window of time. So I dedicated 6 months to the comparison of three notable collagen peptide brands.

I consumed one brand at a time, daily for six weeks. I then took 2 weeks off to see if I could notice anything in that brand’s absence. I also paid close to attention to changes in my hair, skin, nails, joints, and tendons during these on/off periods. Taste wise, none of the brands have flavor, so there’s no need to compare that aspect.

Here are the results after six months of testing:

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen

Serving size: “About 2 rounded Tbsp” (12g)

Protein: 11g

I started with this since it appears to have been on the market the longest. With 90% protein, Great Lakes blended very well, quickly disappearing into my smoothie (thanks to VitaMix). I didn’t notice much for the first couple of weeks. No changes to skin, hair, or nails. Interestingly, I noticed a reduction in foot pain that had been bothering me all year each morning when I wake up. While using the supplement, the discomfort (which normally goes away on its own after a few minutes of walking/stretching), diminished from 6/10 to 2/10. Some days it wasn’t there at all. It took at least a month before I began noticing this regularly. During the two week break (not using the product), the daily morning discomfort creeped back up to 6/10 after about 10 days. At the time, I considered it a placebo effect.

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Serving size: 1 scoop (11g)

Protein: 10g

The first thing I noted when opening this bottle was how much better the container is than Great Lakes (their design seemed a bit retro). Not that it matters, but it was more modern and updated. Easier to read and more eye-catching on a shelf. It dissolved very well, and didn’t alter the appearance or taste of my smoothies. That being said, I felt myself counting the days until I could either go back to Great Lakes, or try the next brand. It didn’t feel like anything was changing, and the litmus test (my morning foot pain), failed. Perhaps I got an expired bottle? I couldn’t find the protein bioavailability stat listed anywhere. Just spitballing here, but if it’s below 90%, that could be the factor that makes it less noticeable than the others.

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Serving size: 1 scoop (11g)

Protein: 10g

This was far and away the fastest acting and most notable of the brands. It offers 97% protein, is tasteless, odorless, and dissolved perfectly. Within a few days of taking this, the pain at the bottom of my foot reduced to 1/10, or gone entirely. I can only speculate why the “Perfect” brand was so much more potent than the other two… It’s 100% pesticide and hormone free; made from Brazilian pasture raised cows, and has >90% bioavailability.

To be clear, I do not think this is a “cure” for foot pain. This just happened to be a regular pain/discomfort that I experience frequently enough to use as a measuring stick. I can say, however, that even after I finished the “Perfect” bottle, my morning foot pain was still, at worst, minimal.

Final Ranking:

#1: Perfect (The brand I will continue to order)

#2: Great Lakes

#3: Sports Reseach