8 Reasons Patients Switch Chiropractors

Whenever I meet with a new patient, I ask them about any previous chiropractic experience they’ve had… It’s important to know if they’ve been to a chiropractor in the past, or if this is their very first experience having their spine adjusted. They usually have very positive things to say about their past experiences. The […]

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Pallof Press Image

Prevent Spinal Injury With the Pallof Press

I don’t meet many people who are preemptively concerned about hurting their back… Most individuals don’t think about the possibility of injuring themselves unless they’ve already done so in the past. I see people at the gym doing squats and deadlifts so poorly that it’s not a matter of IF they’ll injure their back and knees, but […]

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Best Alternative to Athletic Greens?

Most health fanatics have heard of Athletic Greens. It’s a popular nutrient-dense powder with 75 ingredients. Think of it as a “nutritional insurance policy” for anyone who might not be eating the healthiest of diets… Is it a great product? Yes. But is it really worth spending $140 for a 30-day supply? Eh… The inspiration for this blog post […]

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Smart Adjustments?

Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart TVs. Smart locks.

We love buying “smart” things because they’re tailored to us, and our own individual needs.

What if you could receive a Smart” adjustment during your next trip to the chiropractor?

What’s a “Smart” Adjustment?

Instead of mobilizing joints in a broad or comprehensive fashion, “smart” adjustments apply individually-calculated force and direction. Believe it nor not, this can save you money.

Since no two spines are exactly the same, the precise measurements of your spinal misalignment can be seen on X-ray. These images are used to determine the exact amount of shift that your spinal segments have moved away from normal position.

Using this data, a “smart” adjustment can be given that’s designed only for you – no one else.

Upper Cervical Views

But Aren’t All Adjustments Smart?

Unfortunately, no. Some chiropractic offices provide identical treatments to each and every person. Regardless of size, age, or condition, every patient gets the exact same “stuff” done whenever they show up.

It’s also possible for patients to be over-adjusted, adjusted incorrectly, or adjusted the right way but at the wrong time.

In my opinion, none of this falls under the “smart adjustment” umbrella.

What are the Benefits of “Smart” Adjustments?

  1. They last longer (No more weekly trips to the chiropractor).
  2. Less is more (Fewer adjustments are given compared to conventional manipulation).
  3. They’re safe (No forceful twisting or jerking movements of delicate neck tissue).
  4. They’re more comfortable (They’re tailored to your unique spine).
  5. You’ll save money (Fewer visits; less time spent at the chiropractor’s office).
  6. No long-term treatment plans (12-36 month care plans are ridiculous questionable.)

Note: This is not an industry-wide term. It’s just the way I’m differentiating two contrasting approaches to chiropractic care for the purpose of this article.