The Best Mosquito Repellent

I never thought I’d find myself writing a review for mosquito repellent. But this summer, stealthy mosquitos and/or invisible mosquito-like vampire bugs have invaded my patio.

“I’ll just buy some citronella candles,” I said to myself, before basically lighting $40 on fire.

Next, I attempted to concoct my own natural repellant (who the heck knows what’s in those nasty chemical-based products at the store). After reading a few articles online, it was clear that my best options were lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender, and cinnamon. But several unsightly itchy red bumps all over my arms and legs later, I determined this was not helpful whatsoever.

ThermacellThen I discovered the Thermacell. The company motto, “Turn it on, mosquitoes gone” is 100% true in my experience so far.

The remote control-sized device comes with a 12-hour cylinder safely sealed with liquid butane. Once lit, it silently, safely, and without any odor heats up a magical blue piece of cardboard that creates what seems to be an impenetrable 15-foot by 15-foot zone of comfort.

Each of these blue miracle sheets lasts about 4-hours. The butane cylinder lasts 12-hours.

Refill kits are reasonably priced. The 12-hour kit is under $7, while the 300-hour super kit is just $99. That’s enough to last you an entire summer if you’re outside for three hours each evening.

How well has it worked so far? I used to not be able to tolerate more than 20 minutes per evening before the mosquitoes overwhelmed me. Now I can enjoy 2 hours straight without feeling a single bite.

So if you’re looking for an odorless DEET-free solution to mosquitoes, get yourself a Thermacell.