12 Things I’ve Learned as a Chiropractor

  1. The fewer adjustments a person needs, the faster they’ll respond.
  2. Knowing when to adjust isn’t nearly as important as when not to adjust.
  3. The more relaxed a person is during & after their adjustment, the longer it holds.
  4. Knowing how to adjust is worthless if you can’t prove that you actually did it.
  5. Holding time” is everything.
  6. Spinal exercises done properly at home will reduce the number of adjustments needed.
  7. Thirty years of your life will be spent in bed. Buy a good one.
  8. The healthiest people I know don’t pop pills. The sickest people I know take several.
  9. Emotional stress, fear, and anxiety can make even the “healthiest” people sick.
  10. The wisdom of the body is infinitely smarter than you or I will ever be.
  11. Happy/positive people get better results than unhappy/negative people.
  12. Never underestimate the healing abilities of the human body.

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