GHB for Fibromyalgia?

I stumbled across an article on WebMD touting the benefits of Xyrem, a medication that’s now being recommended to Fibromyalgia sufferers.

The new study was presented at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society. According to Kim Dupree Jones, PhD, more than half of the study’s participants taking Xyrem reported a 30% improvement in pain, and experienced less fatigue and stiffness.

Sounds promising… until you read the end of the article. I simply couldn’t ignore this tiny nugget of information about the “new” wonder drug:

Xyrem is a central nervous system depressant also known as gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB). GHB, sometimes referred to as the “date-rape drug,” has a high potential for abuse … At doses similar to those used in the treatment of narcolepsy, Xyrem can cost $500 a month.”

So let me get this straight… Jazz Pharmaceuticals (the maker of Xyrem), is suggesting that Fibromyalgia sufferers pay them $500 per month to take the date-rape drug (also known as Cherry Meth, Easy Lay, and Liquid Ecstasy) every night before going to bed?

Now read over this excerpt from the Institute for Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluation (ISATE):

Am I the only one who thinks that this is a really bad idea?


That makes two of us. Ridiculous!

Hi Dr. Harshe. As a patient who just had a visit to the Cleveland Clinic Rhuematology Dept. last month this may make sense. New studies have shown that Fybromyalgia is caused by a lack of serotonin, this due to the inability to get into stage 3 & 4 sleep. I was put on Doxepin, along with Cymbalta and unfortunately had a drug reaction. I may suggest this to my doctor as I have no intention of abusing this drug and need to find something to aid in my quality of life.

Dr. William Wilke is my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and he has written a couple of books on the latest data and research. This includes going beyond trigger points, it is all about sleep.

    Hi Terrie, thanks for visiting the site. Quality of life is very important. May I ask if you’ve ever been evaluated by an Upper Cervical specialist?

      Hi Adam – I didn’t make the connection from Twitter – duh!!! I have a really long story, but the short version – had C3-C7 fusion two years ago next week with horrific complications due to BMP. Haven’t been the same since. Yes, I’ve been to many specialists. Two screws are backing out of C7. Working on that now. Sound like fun?? Anyway, working with another Dr. in STL on Fibromyalgia and inflammation issues.

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