An Easy Way to Understand How Chiropractic Works

For me, getting to and from work each day is a fairly simple process. I’ll leave my house, hop in my car, get onto the highway, and then drive until I reach my exit. I’ll take the off-ramp, navigate through a few city streets, and eventually arrive at my office. When I’m finished for the day, I get back in the car, work my way through the same city streets, onto the highway, and head straight home. It’s not a process that requires much thought. It just happens.

By rapidly firing signals back and forth, the brain and body communicate in a similar way… Every minute of every day for your entire life!

To do this, the brain must first create a desired function; let’s say… digesting your lunch. In order for the stomach to begin doing this, a signal must travel from the brain to the body. So the brain creates the appropriate signal, sends it down your spinal cord, and out through the tiny nerves that direct your digestive organs to begin working.

A verification signal is then relayed back through the nerves, up the spinal cord and into the brain, confirming the message was delivered.

What if during my daily trips to the office, I encountered some road construction, a traffic jam, or simply got stopped by a slow-moving train? This interference could impact every patient I have scheduled for the entire day! In turn, their own schedules could be disrupted.

Now suppose that the digest food signal became distorted or interfered with in some way… As it leaves the brain and gets on the highway (the spinal cord), there’s a “traffic jam.” What do you think might happen to the digestive process… Indigestion? Heartburn? Upset stomach? Gas? Bloating? Constipation? Diarrhea? All very possible!

There’s actually potential for every organ, tissue, muscle, and cell in your body to function incorrectly as a result of these “traffic jams” within the communication process. That’s why it’s so important to have a chiropractor and get checked periodically to make sure the “roads” are free and clear!

Here’s a real-life example of how we measure and correct this problem. The “before treatment” scan demonstrates one of the “traffic jams” discussed above. The “after treatment” scan shows that it was properly corrected.

While chiropractors can certainly help physical ailments like back and neck pain, the purpose of chiropractic remains the same: To locate and correct interference within the nerve system.

This simple concept has completely changed the way millions of people experience healthcare!

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