The Power-On Effect of Chiropractic Adjustments

One of the reasons people enjoy receiving chiropractic care is the “power on” sensation they experience after an adjustment. The balancing effect adjustments have on the nervous system can help a person feel reconnected or “plugged in.”

At the very top of the neck, the first cervical bone (called C1 or Atlas), protects a critical element of the Nervous System known as the brainstem. It regulates breathing, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion, and even your sleep cycle! Because of its direct impact on these vital functions, people notice improved breathing, lower blood pressure, healthy bowel movements, and more refreshing sleep within 24-hours of their atlas adjustment.

The power-on/power-off concept is a very simple way to understand chiropractic care. Often times, patients make this comparison all on their own. Just last week, for example, a patient brought his 9-year-old son in for an adjustment. Afterward, the intelligent young boy smiled and said, “I feel different; very good actually, kind of like you flipped a light switch.”

Just another great “health effect” associated with chiropractic care!

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