3 Reasons Patients Should Rest After Spinal Adjustments

After every Upper Cervical adjustment in our office, patients rest 15-30 minutes in a private resting suite. Here are three reasons why it’s so important:

First, this quiet resting period enables people to take a mental break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It provides time “away” from work, kids, bills, email, and cell phones. It’s an opportunity to relieve stress and simply relax.

Second, resting enables the nervous system to adapt to the adjustment unencumbered. This boosts the healing response and can improve overall chiropractic results.

Third, it helps patients to need fewer adjustments overall. Think of it like dental cavities. Dentists agree that patients with the cleanest teeth have the fewest cavities. A similar statement can be made about spinal adjustments. The healthiest people I know don’t need to be adjusted very often! Resting after an adjustment supports the correction, helping it last for a longer period of time!

The resting period is absolutely essential to achieving optimum results with Upper Cervical Care. And the best part is, people love it and look forward to it after every adjustment! In fact, patients often tell me it’s the highlight of their day!

One Comment

Travis Robertson Thursday at 11:21

I really think that general chiropractors would probably see better results if they rested patients afterward too. Thanks for addressing the huge importance of resting post adjustment. Keep up the great work Doc!

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