How Do You Know When to Stop?

How do you know when to stop drinking water? Fortunately, you never have to “learn” this task. You were born with it! A symphony of neurological impulses between the brain and body automatically controls this process, preventing you from inadvertently drowning yourself.

This type of “inner wisdom” of the body is referred to as Innate Intelligence. If your brain were a computer, then Innate Intelligence would be the conveniently pre-installed software that comes with it.

Thanks to this software, your body has the ability to do all sorts of things that you never have to think about. We’re actually “programmed” to be healthy! No extra software is needed. The tools we need to live a healthy life come free of charge.

But here’s the caveat… “Interference,” as it’s considered, can disrupt the pre-installed software, causing malfunction to occur within the body. This software malfunction is what enables the development of many different health problems.

Believe it or not, this interference is the “bread & butter” of chiropractic – not back pain. Aches and pains are merely effects of the interference. Chiropractors locate and correct the cause of the interference itself! By eliminating it, function is restored.

It’s not about “curing” diseases. It’s about restoring function. As long as all the muscles, tissues, organs and cells of the body are functioning appropriately, you’ll experience health. It’s as simple as that!

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