A St Louis Woman’s Fibromyalgia Story

Before Receiving Our Care:

“I was having constant body aches and pains, no energy, sleepless nights, skin that hurt to touch. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I constantly look for new info on fibro relief and I discovered Upper Cervical Care on the internet. I actually found another doctor that treats fibro with Upper Cervical Care and started doing research. After researching several doctors I was most impressed with what I read on Dr. Tanase’s website. I had already tried regular chiropractic and it was not a good experience.”

During Her First Visit:

“I was nervous at first… Dr. Tanase put an end to that very quickly after the appointment began. It was so amazing to listen to all the information he was explaining to me. He explained it in a way that anyone could understand. I couldn’t get enough information, it was so fascinating. Dr. Tanase is very easy to talk to.”

Experiencing the Upper Cervical Procedure:

“It is really amazing to me that the adjustment does not hurt… My husband has even questioned if it really doesn’t hurt — It doesn’t. There is no comparison to other chiropractic adjustments; they were painful during and after. I enjoy the ‘resting time’.”

After Receiving Our Care:

“I immediately started sleeping better — that night. I had alot of knots in my legs and they have decreased alot and are not painful like they use to be. My skin hurt so bad I couldn’t hardly stand to be touched, not even a hug, that is totally gone. The other aches and pains are much better. I am so pleased with my care and health improvements that I had my daughter become a patient of Dr. Tanase’s.”


The Upper Cervical procedure may hold the key to helping you get well too. If you live in the St Louis area and would like to schedule an appointment, call 314-749-9006, or request your visit online by clicking here:

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