What Do You Have in Common with Batteries?

Earlier this month, I shared with my readers what we all have in common with sea lions. Today, I’d like to reveal what we have in common with batteries.

Batteries, like the one shown above, have two terminals. One is marked (+), or positive; the other is marked (-), or negative. When properly aligned, the battery produces energy.

But what happens when the battery’s terminals aren’t lined up properly? It can’t function! Even a perfectly good, brand new, fully charged battery will not perform the way it’s supposed to if it’s misaligned.

Our bodies work in a similar fashion. The head, neck and spine need to be properly aligned in order for your nervous system to function the way it’s designed.

Health is your normal, natural state. At conception, two cells become four, four become eight, and so on until those original cells develop into trillions. This immensely complicated process doesn’t need help. If nothing interferes with it, children are born; healthy! So remember that as early as Day-1 we were designed to be healthy.

Upper Cervical Care is a system of analysis that focuses on the relationship between the spine and your nervous system. A fully functioning nervous system free of interference not only restores health, but it maintains health!

Even the healthiest of people can get sick as a result of spinal misalignment. This is why it’s necessary to have a chiropractor. You have a medical doctor… You have a dentist… and just like these professionals play an important role in your life, so does a chiropractor!

It’s time to get your power turned on.

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