A Tale of Two Chiropractors

Two friends of mine happen to be fellow chiropractors from the St Louis area. One is an Upper Cervical chiropractor; the other is a Full Spine chiropractor. Interestingly enough, both of these men had newborn sons recently, just a few weeks apart.

I met with each of them for lunch, and of course got to hear all the stories about how wonderful it is to be a father. I asked each doctor the same question – “Have you adjusted your son yet?”

The Upper Cervical dad’s response was this: “I’ve checked him periodically, but so far he’s only needed one adjustment.”

The Full Spine dad’s response was: “Oh yeah, I adjust him all the time!”

Now I’m not suggesting that these answers are right or wrong… They simply reveal a very telling example of how two chiropractors can approach patient care differently.

And I’d like to hear your input on this issue… As a patient, which doctor’s approach to chiropractic care makes more sense to you?


I said “Other” just to clarify as follows:

I side with “only when necessary,” provided that includes necessary maintenance. In other words, instead of adjusting only when something is damaged, adjust as often as needed to keep everything in line.

But DO NOT adjust unless it is needed at that time.

I’m a six-lumbar guy (you’re supposed to have only five) — I’ve spent 35 years carefully watching my spine and keeping things aligned. Whenever I let the maintenance slide too long, I ALWAYS regret it.

    Thanks for the clarification, Gill, and thanks for visiting the site. Six lumbars! That’s terrific, who doesn’t like spare parts? 🙂

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