Dr. Hibbert Talks About Chiropractic Care

Dr. Hibbert: Your spine is more twisted than Sinbad’s take on marriage.

Homer: So? Just give me some drugs and surgery.

Dr. Hibbert: Oh, I’d love to but, uh, to be honest, modern Medicine has a lousy record of treating the back. We spend too much time on the front.

Homer: Yeah, there’s some neat stuff in the front.

Dr. Hibbert: I’m going to send you to my chiropractor.

Homer: Hey, I thought real doctors hated chiropractors.

Dr. Hibbert: Well, that’s our official stance, but between you and me and my golf clubs, they’re miracle workers.


I remember this episode! Funny stuff.

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[…] Dr. Hibbert (from The Simpsons) Talks About Chiropractic Care – I don’t know what kind of chiropractor this guy is.  I do know that chiropractors in general tend to make rather outsize claims for what they can do (though maybe not this guy, I don’t know).  Were I misguided enough to be chiropractor, however, I wouldn’t cite that awful Season 12 episode where my entire profession is shown as replaceable by a garbage can.  He does get the quote almost dead-on though, so I guess this is good usage.  […]

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