Why Does Your Skin Fall Off?

Over 75% of the dust that accumulates in your home comes from human skin. Approximately 40,000 skin cells fall off you each minute, which amounts to nearly 9-lbs of shed skin per year.

It serves as a subtle reminder to us that our bodies are in a constant state of change and repair.

Luckily we can’t feel it happening. This process occurs without ever having to think about it.

It’s one of the many great things about how your body works… Billions upon billions of functions take place every second and you’re never aware of them. The sheer act of reading this sentence requires millions of unconscious chemical reactions.

The nervous system is marvelous! It does all this work for you, working nonstop, 24/7, to keep you living and breathing. As long as the brain is able to regularly communicate with the body without disruption or interference, you’ll be healthy.

We can use this phenomena to define health with just one simple word: Function. The only prerequisite is that nothing gets in the way of normal physiology. When the body does what it was designed and programmed to do, health is the natural byproduct.

Unfortunately things do get in the way and interfere with what’s supposed to occur. When this happens, your body stops doing what it was designed and programmed to do, and starts doing something else. This process is aptly referred to as malfunction.

But here’s something to consider… If you’re unaware of the billions of things taking place in your body at any given moment, how would you know if something went wrong?

Well, a great way to detect malfunction is through the use of computerized thermal imaging, or thermography. Chiropractors trained to provide Upper Cervical Care use this type of instrumentation to check for interference patterns within the nervous system.

By design, it’s non-diagnostic. It’s not intended to identify specific diseases. It’s a valuable assessment tool, however, in that it can reveal imbalances between the brain and body. This imbalance is a tell tale sign of malfunction.

It’s important to know that no matter what crazy myths and rumors you’ve heard about chiropractors, the goal of chiropractic care is not to treat specific diseases… That’s what medicine is for. Instead, the purpose of chiropractic care is to restore balance to the spine. This in turn stimulates normal function within the nervous system… and that’s how our patients get well.

So it’s really not about backs, bones, or blood. Nor is it about about germs, joints, diseases or dust. What it all boils down to is the function of your nervous system.

Having yours checked periodically is a smart thing to do!

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Love this post Doc! Straight forward and simple. It is just so logical and makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing.

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