It Never Gets Easier Than Now

Ramit Sethi, a budding financial guru, teaches Generation-Y how to plan for retirement by implementing automated investing strategies. In 2006 he wrote an interesting article that grabbed my attention. Here’s a paragraph that really stood out:

We’re in the best natural shape of our lives. There’s a school near my place, and when I run, I see older men sweating like Patrick Ewing after only one lap. I scornfully lap those 72-year-old men over and over again.

It’ll never be easier than today.

This struck a chord with me because the same thing can be said about correcting spinal problems. The sooner you begin making necessary corrections, the better off you are… Among the four stages of spinal degeneration, Stage-1 is the easiest to fix. Stage-4 is considered irreparable.

When I first started practice, most of my patients were in their late 50’s and early 60’s. Time and time again I’d hear them say, “I wish I would have known about this sooner.” Unfortunately, their health problems lingered for decades, and by the time they finally did something about it, a noticeable amount of damage had already occurred.

Today, however, I’ve noticed a different trend… An increasing number of patients in their early 30’s and 40’s are exploring chiropractic care. I commend them for addressing their health issues now rather than later. It’s cheaper, takes less time, and their adjustments hold much longer. Their results are often better because the body’s ability to adapt and repair itself is much more efficient in our youth.

So my message today shadows Ramit’s advice from 2006… Whether you’re hoping to travel the world, lose weight, get in shape, or solve a chronic health problem, it never gets easier than now.

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