What To Do if You Slip on the Ice

In light of the icy, mushy, snowy weather we’ve had in the St Louis area this week, I wanted to share some information with my readers about slipping on ice.

Over the years, I’ve met patients who experienced a variety of injuries as a result of a slippery fall. These can range from a minor scrape or bruise to concussions, broken wrists, and tailbone fractures. I’m reminded of one particular patient who slipped and fell walking from the car into his garage.

The impact point was primarily his right buttock/hip and hand. While the fall was rather painful, he didn’t think much of it since he could move around with ease after his wife helped him up. By spring time he began noticing regular occurrences of hip and pelvic pain, chronic wrist soreness, and even shoulder problems, all of which were on the right side.

When he finally decided to seek treatment, he wound up seeing an orthopedist, two physical therapists, and a rehab-oriented chiropractor to no avail. To make matters worse, he tallied up his medical bills and had spent over $3,600 out-of-pocket before ever calling my chiropractic office.

Fortunately through Upper Cervical Care he got the relief he’d been searching for, but think about what he had to go through to get it! All from one seemingly innocent little fall…

While slipping on a snowy sidewalk may seem like a small thing at the time, it can balloon into something much more unpleasant in just a few short weeks. Waiting months or years to fix it makes the problem more difficult to correct. So if during this winter season you become one with the ground, call your chiropractor right away. The sooner you act the better off you’ll be!

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