How Much Does it Cost to Be On Wipe Out?

Whenever I watch the show Wipe Out, I can’t help but feel sorry for the 23 losing contestants. While the winner takes home $50,000 cash, I often wonder how much the others will end up paying out-of-pocket for chiropractic care and physical therapy. I doubt the producers of the show cover these costs!

If you watch the highlights video above demonstrating one of the obstacles, it’s obvious that players can cause very real harm to their bodies. Forget about the obvious aches and pains they’ll feel weeks after the event… The potential long-term spinal damage that can develop as a result of these injuries is staggering!

If you recall the serious injury that St. Louis Cardinal Rick Ankiel experienced earlier this year, the bumps, bangs, falls, and follies faced by Wipe Out contestants are quite similar, and possibly worse considering the repetitive nature of the show. MRI, CT, x-rays, and physician bills alone surely cost several thousands of dollars to evaluate Rick after his accident, and insure his health and playability for the remainder of the season.

Research has shown that pressure on a spinal nerve root equal to the weight of a dime (10 mmHg) reduces nerve function by as much as 60%. In some cases, if that pressure lasts for an hour, it can cause permanent nerve damage! As a result of this altered nerve function, the body is adversely affected and a variety of different health problems can occur.

The forces applied to the spine and nerves during these obstacles easily exceeds the weight of a dime! And yet, millions of viewers can’t help but take great joy in seeing contestants hurt themselves (myself included).

All the more reason to have a good chiropractor ready and able to help when you need it!


Scott M. Livingston Saturday at 10:01

my wife and i cringe every time we watch this program and thinking the same about their spine….and yes, we enjoy this show too! 🙂

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