Flu Shots Aren’t Appealing to Americans

Fewer Americans are getting their flu shots, and it’s infuriating Health Departments everywhere.

Last month, an article printed in the Los Angeles Times questioned why we’re making flu vaccines if nobody wants them. It mentions how less than 5% of the public money spent on vaccine research goes towards social and behavioral science. It concluded, “Tweaking that ratio will yield substantial returns.”

Yes, they actually said substantial returns. That’s because they have a lot of cash invested in millions of doses of flu vaccine. If we’re not buying it, vaccine makers are losing money. They won’t let that keep happening…

I’m already nauseated by flu shot propaganda. It’s on TV and radio, internet banner ads, newspapers, magazines, marquee signs, and bill boards. Even our grocery stores and pharmacies have a piece of the action… And now researchers are openly admitting they want to study your behaviors to see what they can do to psychologically manipulate your health care decisions.

Instead of searching for ways to motivate Americans to exercise daily, quit smoking, or make healthier food choices, they want to find a better way to make you get a flu shot… Outrageous!

One Comment

Great post, Dr. Tanase. When Walgreens, Kmart, and Wal-Mart has to bribe people with gift cards to get a flu shot, something is afoot.

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