How Does the Body Heal?

A few months ago a Golden Retriever puppy jumped in my lap and somehow scraped my forearm. One of his little puppy claws drew blood, leaving a visible 3-inch cut. After a couple days, a rather unsightly scab formed that looked like I’d been slashed in a knife-fight… Within 4-weeks, the wound completely healed. Today, the scar is barely visible.

Now, this is the type of thing that most people take for granted. We pay little attention to the fact that whenever we get cuts or bruises, they heal automatically. Believe it or not, we’re actually programmed to do so… Our body’s have their own “instruction manuals” for how to function properly. Science refers to this ability as innate intelligence.

The cool thing about innate intelligence is that it’s free. You can’t buy it, borrow it, or even “learn” it. It’s just there, always and everywhere. But there’s one caveat… It can’t work properly if something interferes with it, disrupts it, or gets in the way.

Physical, chemical and emotional stress are particularly devious culprits, and will without fail impair your body’s ability to functional normally, ultimately impeding innate intelligence. This slows, limits, or even prevents the healing process from occurring.

Examples of physical stress include spinal misalignment, body imbalance, dehydration, repetitive micro-trauma, and poor posture. These have the ability to change blood flow, restrict movement, tighten muscles, strain ligaments, and alter body function.

Examples of chemical stress include toxins that don’t belong in the body… Things like processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and other artificial lab-created chemicals that don’t occur in nature.

I probably don’t have to give you any examples of emotional stress, but I’ll list a few anyway… Relationship turmoil, death of a family member, anxiety, workplace demands, and financial woes are some of the heavy hitters.

The conduit for innate intelligence is the Nervous System. While there are three distinct forms of stress, they all impair the quality of function within your nervous system.

Medications can effectively help people “deal” with symptoms, but you’ll never find a medication that can mend a troubled relationship, bring back a deceased family member, negate the effects of alcohol/cigarettes, or restore spinal alignment. Drugs are great for patching effects, but they’re not all that reliable when it comes to actual healing.

Innate intelligence enables your body to heal. Facilitating it offers you the best chance to get well.

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I love it! Couldn’t have said it better myself Doc.

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