What Do Drugs, Handicap Tags, and Walkers Have in Common?

People who need handicap spaces have physical limitations that require them to park closer to the entrance of a building. These tags don’t masquerade as “cures” for disability, they simply help make health problems less difficult to manage.

The same can be said about the walkers used for safety, support, and balance. These devices prevent elderly individuals from falling and hurting themselves. By no means do they “cure” the problems that are associated with injury or old age.

Obviously, this is a no-brainer. No one assumes that a walker or handicap sticker can cure them. But many Americans are under the impression that medications cure chronic health problems.

The truth is, drugs aren’t much different than the blue tags hanging beneath rear view mirrors, or walkers strewn about nursing homes. They’re intended to help you deal with the effects of a problem, not cure it. Try this… The next time you see a pharmaceutical advertisement on TV, listen for a promise to “cure” you you won’t hear it!

Is there anything “wrong” with using handicap stickers, walkers, or medication? Of course not. They can be very helpful! But it’s important to be well informed and know that these aren’t permanent solutions to a problem… They’re merely temporary assistance.

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Great post Doc! I love the comparison. I hope it helps others see things as they really are. Keep on keepin’ on.

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