If Teeth Were Your Spine…

Teeth have one of the easiest jobs in your body. They only have to work a few minutes per day! Outside of that, they basically just sit there doing nothing for hours at a time. Despite their slothful nature, we love and respect our choppers… Everyone reading this article owns a toothbrush, and all of you have been to a dentist.

But every week I interact with people who’ve never been to a chiropractor… these people depend on their spine every minute of every day, but blissfully neglect its importance. Unlike teeth, spines never take a break.

That got me playing the “what if” game. What if people were as careless with their teeth as they are their spines?

With that, today’s blog post was born…

If teeth were your spine, the first time you visit a dentist would be during your mid-50’s. While the doctor examined you, she’d see a malodorous mouth riddled with plaque and cavities. When she asks why you’ve waited so long to receive dental care, your response would be, “My medical doctor told me to never to visit a dentist.”

After performing a series of x-rays, the dentist reviews her findings and offers a treatment recommendation. She explains the procedures that need to be done, and then details what you can do at home to prevent additional problems: “Brush and floss after every meal; get a professional teeth cleaning twice per year; and start rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide to combat gum disease.” If teeth were your spine, you’d just smile and nod as her advice goes in one ear and out the other.

Despite the glaring decay, fixing your cracked, crooked, and yellowing teeth isn’t your primary concern. That’s because if teeth were your spine, all you’d want is some anbesol to numb the pain, one quick bleaching treatment, and a few breath mints to mask your bad breath.

Seems pretty foolish when put in this context, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the point I’d like to make… Neglecting your spine is foolish.

Teeth can be replaced; spines cannot. What are you doing to take care of yours?


Great post, doc! People unfortunately are much more interested in something that will affect their appearance yet totally neglect something that has such a dramatic impact on their overall health.

Maybe our spines should have been on the outside… Thanks for the post Doc! Direct and to the point as always.

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