Don’t Let This Happen to You

The x-ray images shown here were taken of two adults sitting in the same upright position. The person on the right, however, appears to be resting on his stomach. What happened?!

What you’re observing is a severely degenerated neck that occurred very slowly over time. One might wonder if there were any warning signs that may have indicated this was happening…

Unfortunately people don’t realize that signs and symptoms correlate with spinal health.

The headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder tension and back aches he had in the beginning were probably innocently dismissed as “stress,” and easily managed using muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and heating pads.

The indigestion and acid reflux that came later was “probably due to something he ate.”

Wheezing after walking up a flight of stairs was “because he was out of shape.”

The constipation was because he “wasn’t getting enough fiber.”

The shooting pains in his leg were “probably sciatica” and alleviated by more pain-relievers.

The trembling in his hands was attributed to Parkinson’s Disease, which “runs in the family.”

Eventually, the pain became so profound that a neurosurgeon told him he needed surgery to prevent paralysis! Suddenly, his spinal health became very important to him!

And so it is with many Americans… The spine and nervous system are “blind spots” in our lifestyle. We take them for granted until something like disc herniation or spinal stenosis disrupts our ability to work. Then it’s priority #1!

You use your spine every minute of every day. When you depend on something that much, you need to take excellent care of it.

Waiting to see a chiropractor until after you develop an irreversible condition is unfortunate… but listening to someone who tells you to never visit a chiropractor can be downright foolish.

Don’t let this happen to you…

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Thanx Adam! That’s a perfectly succinct! I explain the same to my practice members. Some get it and some don’t. Generally 30-40 year olds who have seen their parents suffer spinal disease are quick to catch on. But I also often hear people say their ” perfectly healthy” in the consult and then when we see the X-rays their baffled as to how their spine got that way. Most had never even thought to go to a chiro because the drugs always ” solved ” their problem. Now they know the truth. But unfortunately it’s too late to reverse the damage.

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