Are All Chiropractors the Same?

Do you assume that every medical doctor you meet is a pediatrician, that all teachers teach kindergarten, and that all lawyers are criminal defense attorneys?

Probably not… They each have their own respective specialties, and it would be foolish to assume otherwise. For some reason though, people tend to think that all chiropractors are the same, and that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Last week, for example, I met a nurse who found out I was a chiropractor. She immediately asked, “Why do you guys pat people on the head?” When I told her that I’ve never once patted a patient on the head, and was confused by the question, she thought I was kidding!

This past January an elderly gentleman walked into my office asking about acupuncture. After politely informing him that I wasn’t an acupuncturist and couldn’t answer his questions, he got defensive and said, “Well didn’t they teach you that in chiropractic school?!”

Like it or not, the chiropractic profession has become incredibly diverse. There are dozens of different adjusting techniques. Each has its own type of analysis and is provided by doctors with their own unique treatment recommendations. Just because one chiropractor pats heads or uses acupuncture, it doesn’t mean we all do.

Today’s chiropractor can choose to focus exclusively on pregnant women, children, athletic injuries, herniated discs, the nervous system, nutrition, extremities, and even animal-adjusting. So if you weren’t thrilled the first time around, don’t give up on chiropractic care altogether. Simply find another doctor in your area that offers a different approach!

Oh, one more piece of advice on this topic… The sweetness of low prices can never counterbalance the bitterness of poor quality. Chiropractors aren’t created equal.

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