A List of Chiropractic Techniques

Something to consider when choosing a chiropractor is what technique the doctor uses. Patients are often surprised to hear how many different methods exist for adjusting the spine. One approach can have a remarkably different effect on you than another…

It’s common for chiropractors to advertise their technique(s) online, but to most people it’s just jargon. So I’ve compiled a list of prevalent chiropractic techniques to serve as a visual resource for anyone wondering what these adjusting methods look like.

I’ve separated them into three groups. Manual adjusting methods are those performed by hand, and may rely on special tables for assistance. Instrument based methods involve the use of uniquely engineered tools to adjust the spine. The third grouping is a list of specialized Upper Cervical adjusting styles.

Manual Adjusting Methods

Instrument Based Methods

Upper Cervical Methods


This is a great resource for patients…Thanks!

Another consideration is that there are many Chiropractors that used several techniques depending on the patient and condition they are treating.

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