Chiropractic Didn’t Work

Whenever I hear someone say that “chiropractic didn’t work” for their problem, I can’t help but ask them to describe their experience, and discuss treatments they received.

Almost inevitably, I hear about hot packs, electrodes, and the infamous “roller table thingy.” Sometimes they mention things I’ve never even heard of like, “he patted me on the head.”

Then comes the truly shocking part – I ask them to describe how they were adjusted… A number of these people tell me they weren’t adjusted at all, or only received cursory and unspecific manipulations. No x-rays, no progress exams, and no assessment tools to determine the effectiveness of their treatments.

It turns out there’s absolutely nothing “chiropractic” about their chiropractic experience! So they continue to live with a health problem believing that “chiropractic didn’t work” for them.

Here’s what you need to know… Way back when chiropractic became an actual profession, there were no hot packs, mentholated gels, e-stim, or traction tables. The developers of the chiropractic profession were busy researching the chiropractic adjustment itself. They did this with x-rays, highly specialized instrumentation that could indicate nervous system activity, and custom built adjusting tables.

These chiropractic pioneers offered nothing but appropriately timed adjustments. Thanks to their amazing skill and specificity, word spread and the profession achieved explosive growth.

With that in mind, I would suggest you try that approach (principled chiropractic in its truest form) before writing off chiropractors in general. The difference may surprise you.


Well put Dr Tanase.

ChiropracTIC is Specific or it is nothing.

I was literally having this exact conversation with someone today. Wow! Makes you cringe when people tell you this stuff.

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