Reasons People Get Adjusted

One thing I’ve learned in my career as a chiropractor is that not everyone uses chiropractic care the way it was intended. Some only want to come in if their back hurts. Others schedule appointments because it complements their wellness lifestyle.

Regardless of why YOU choose to visit a chiropractor, remember this:

Chiropractic care helps your immune system. Whether your allergies or acting up, or you just feel a cold coming on, getting a chiropractic checkup may help you recover faster. That’s because the immune response is under direct influence of the nervous system… and whether you knew it or not, chiropractic adjustments help restore balanced function to nerves. In fact, one of the first things chiropractors do when they feel “under the weather” is get adjusted – Maybe we’re on to something?

Chiropractic helps your digestion. One of the most common problems patients suffer with, but rarely talk about, is constipation. For various reasons, a lot of people are “backed up” inside! Fortunately, if you stimulate the nerves that control digestion, bowel movements soon follow. Guess what can impact these nerves… Chiropractic adjustments!

Chiropractic helps you sleep. When the nervous system is working over-time, it’s difficult for the mind and body to relax. If you can’t relax, good luck getting a quality night’s sleep. Adjusting the upper cervical spine can help the nervous system calm down. One of the most common responses patients experience after an adjustment is improved sleep!

Chiropractic helps you focus. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re in pain. If the head and neck are imbalanced, a cascade of functional problems can develop besides physical discomfort. The good news is, when you eliminate the source of this problem, it becomes easier to focus. Many chiropractic patients comment how much more alert and aware they feel after an adjustment!

These added benefits may or may not appeal to you… But if you never knew that chiropractic adjustments could improve your quality of life in these ways, now you do!

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