9 Ways to Keep Your Chiropractor Busy

  1. Ride roller coasters and bumper cars.
  2. Headbutt soccer balls.
  3. “Pop” your own neck/back.
  4. Participate in backyard wrestling matches.
  5. When talking on the phone, cradle it against your shoulder.
  6. Jump on a trampoline after drinking tequila.
  7. Do all the heavy lifting when helping your friends move.
  8. Sleep on your stomach.
  9. Ignore your chiropractor’s advice.


I think regularly attending a CrossFIT gym is up there somewhere …

Heck yah, Dave, those can be rough!

Love the advice! I agree with him about the Crossfit! I have been doing it for about a month now and you have to be very careful because it’s easy to get injured. You have to leave your ego at the door that’s for sure!

The phone cradled on the shoulder is a big culprit in our society. I see all these kids doing it and wonder how many will eventually need a chiropractor. They should sell a disclaimer on cell phone packaging that the product may cause neck and back issues LOL.

I’m going to definitely repost this elsewhere!! Great list!!

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