Advertisements vs Reality

Whenever Apple gears up to release something new, like iPhone-4 or iPad-2, they reveal all sorts of brilliant photos and videos of the product. And when customers finally get their hands on the technology, there aren’t many let downs. My hat goes off to Apple for making their products look and perform so terrifically.

Then there are companies like McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Their product photos can look appealing too, but they never quite deliver when seeing them in-person. A clever website called Fast Food: Ads vs Reality shows side-by-side comparisons of fast food items from advertisements compared to the actual item ordered locally.

These companies are on opposite ends of the “What you see is what you get” spectrum.

Now, where do you think prescription drugs fall on this Advertisements-vs-Reality scale?

If you’ve ever watched drug commercials on TV, they seem promising. But according to the Institute of Medicine, 116 million American adults are collectively spending just over $600 billion dollars per year on medical bills and lost productivity trying to manage chronic pain. That’s $5,172 per year, and $431 per month… each! An all-time high.

If these pain-killing methods were effective long-term solutions, shouldn’t these numbers be getting smaller? That tells me the ads look pretty, like a juicy Quarter Pounder with cheese, but in reality, pain “management” is more like the dry, what-animal-does-this-meat-come-from disappointment-on-a-bun we’re all accustomed to…

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