Pillows for Latex Allergy Sufferers

Since the release of My Opinion on 6 Types of Sleeping Pillows in 2010, I’ve received dozens of emails from readers who are allergic to latex. They all wanted to know if I could suggest a high quality latex-free pillow.

So I began experimenting with a variety of options, noting which ones would/wouldn’t be suitable for individuals who are latex-sensitive.

While this is still an ongoing search, here’s what I’m currently recommending:

1)  BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow – Everything about this pillow is unique. It’s soft, yet offers adaptive support without retaining heat. I found it very comfortable to use. My only concern is the life of the materials. It has multiple elements that probably don’t wear uniformly over time. In the months that I’ve tested it, I was quite pleased. Long term, however, I’m not so sure it can last 5+ years as pillows within this price range should. Still a good choice if long-term durability is not a primary requirement.

2)  enVy Pillow – Another distinctly designed pillow… Instead of being level, the center of the enVy comes to a slight inward point, like the bottom of the letter V. The intent is to take pressure off the face (making it suitable for post-op plastic surgery patients), but it’s ideal for people who sleep primarily on their back, but who also partially turn their body towards the side. Individuals who suffer from TMJ may also benefit from a pillow shaped this way.

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