Top 5 Do It Yourself Pain Relief Tools

If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, you’ve likely been to medical physicians, physical therapists, and/or chiropractors for relief.

While these health care professionals may have helped you achieve some degree of comfort, they likely outlined steps you should take at home to help further reduce soreness and prevent flareups and relapses. This could be in a variety of forms, like rest, exercise, stretching, or massage.

While I’m a staunch advocate for identifying/eliminating the cause of your pain, there are times when palliative or therapeutic measures are beneficial. But which option should you consider?

It’s easy for someone to get confused by the enormous list of choices. That’s why I’ve been assessing at-home pain relief modalities for over a decade. Many are useless and have little to no benefit. So here are the top options I’ve used and recommended to patients over the years.

How to use them properly ultimately depends on your particular condition, so make sure you consult with your doctor, therapist, or chiropractor before incorporating them into your home-care regimen.

Lacrosse Ball ($7) – These can quickly reduce chronic muscle tightness and break up soft tissue adhesions. Here’s a brief demonstration video.

Foam Roller ($40) – Similar to the lacrosse ball, but has a larger surface area that makes it better for larger muscle groups. Here’s a video demonstration showing one of the many different ways to use a foam roller.

TheraCane ($35) – This tool is designed to help you treat hard-to-reach areas of the back and shoulders. Excellent for reducing trigger points and easing muscle spasms. Here’s a video by a physical therapist that demonstrations proper use.

Blue Emu Oil ($12) – This odorless, quick drying, and deep-penetrating oil provides impressive relief from muscle spasms and joint pain.

Traumeel ($21) – Effective relief from tissue inflammation, Traumeel is a favorite amongst patients suffering from arthritis. It’s also helpful on bruises.

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