Upper Cervical Care Helps More Than Neck Pain

I wanted to share an unsolicited email that I received from a patient who originally contacted me seeking relief from chronic hand pain.

The only “treatment” he received was a carefully delivered adjustment to the top bone in his neck.

“Dr. Tanase, I wanted to give you an update… My hands feel like they’re getting better. On some days, if I didn’t sit around typing during the day, I’d say I wouldn’t really notice the pain (which is a very good change). 

Also, in the past I had some lower back pain and upper back pain between the shoulders. Both of these areas have been fine for a few months.

The ringing in my ears is also much better. There are days where it amps up, but this is becoming more rare. My hearing in general out of my right ear seems more in balance with the hearing of my left ear. In addition, I had some right ear pain that would show up for a few days and then disappear recurring over the last 15+ years (same as the hearing loss in general). That also seems to be lessening.

I truly do feel differences, so I’ve got to believe we’re targeting the right problem.”

Improvements in hand pain, ear ringing, hearing, and lower/upper back pain were all noted, but none of those areas received direct attention or treatment. While it’s tempting to think that upper cervical chiropractors only provide neck pain relief, this patient’s experience demonstrates otherwise.