3 Lies People Believe About Headaches (Written by Guest Author: Dr. Zachary Ward)

According to the National Pain Foundation, only 30% of Americans who suffer with headaches will ever seek help for them. That means the other 70% are happy living with the pain and discomfort.

Or perhaps they’ve heard things that just aren’t true… Here are 3 lies people believe about headaches:

1) “Persistent, recurring headaches are normal.”

They’re not. Persistent, reoccurring headaches are a sign that something’s not right in the body.

2) “Headaches run in the family, so I’m stuck with them.”

There are lots of different kinds of headaches; some mild, some severe… and many factors that go into headaches as well. Just because your mother and her sisters all get the same kind of headaches, doesn’t mean you’re destined to live with the same pain.

3) “I can only control my headaches with drugs.”

Believe it or not, there are other answers for your headaches outside of drugs… Upper Cervical Care is one of them.

Many headache suffers have found that an imbalance between their head and neck was the root cause of their pain. Once that imbalance is corrected, the body is able to recover, and pain is reduced, if not eliminated. All thanks to a new alignment, and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Is an upper cervical imbalance causing your headaches? The only way to know is to get an evaluation by a trained upper cervical doctor.


About the author: Zachary Ward is an Upper Cervical doctor practicing in Ames, IA. He can be reached through his website, www.drzward.com.