Can Insta Slim Shirts Make You Skinnier?

Insta Slim shirts for men are designed to pull fat close to the body, giving the wearer a more slender appearance.

It’s a nice concept… but does it really solve the problem? It doesn’t eliminate your flab, it just masks it for a little while. Once you take the shirt off, your blubber bounces right back.

This shouldn’t be a shocking revelation to anyone… I think most people recognize that with or without the shirt, wearers still have a big belly. So these commercials are certainly going to spark a few jokes about back-fat and beer-guts. But what a lot of people won’t see, however, is how similar this concept is to the pills they take for symptom relief.

Like these shirts, drugs temporarily cover up a problem while ignoring its cause.

Tubby guys wearing elastic shirts may “feel better” about themselves, but until they put away the pasta, ditch the donuts, and join a gym, they’re still just wearing Spanx for men.

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