Looking Healthy vs Being Healthy

The three men shown here are famous college football coaches, all of whom are the same age.

One of them suffered a heart attack this weekend. Guess which one…

If you guessed Mark Mangino or Charlie Weis (the 2nd & 3rd coach respectively), you’d be wrong. Surprisingly, it was the first coach, Mark Dantonio, of Michigan State.

Fortunately, doctors expect Dantonio to make a full recovery… but how shocked do you think the players, fans, and administration of Michigan State were to hear the news about their beloved coach? Even more so, how stunned do you think he was to be having a stent inserted into his heart just hours after defeating Notre Dame in overtime?

This experience serves as a reminder that people who appear to be the portrait of health aren’t necessarily so… the most devastating of health problems develop with little warning. There can be a big difference between looking healthy and being healthy.

Diet and exercise are a good start, but they’re not the only things a person needs for optimum health. Three additional elements to living a healthy lifestyle include properly managing stress, getting adequate sleep, and having a healthy spine and nervous system.

Without all the pieces of the health and wellness puzzle, we’re positioning ourselves to be victims of hidden health problems.