Nerve Pressure

Blood Pressure VS. Nerve Pressure

We live in a very blood-based culture. Nurses check patient’s blood pressure while they’re waiting to see the doctor. Blood tests are ordered to evaluate contents of the blood stream. Blood banks host blood drives to prevent blood shortages.

Among the 10 most profitable drugs sold in the US, blood pressure medications earn billions of dollars in profit. Blood is big business.

But what if, instead of having high blood pressure, you had high nerve pressure?

People can be so consumed with blood pressure that they tend to ignore the fact that nerves control the heart. Nerves enable vessels to expand and contract, and if it wasn’t for nerves, blood couldn’t flow at all.

Primary care doctors aren’t looking for nerve pressure, though… Chiropractors do that! Using computerized thermal imaging, we can evaluate the nervous system and determine if any pressure or irritation is effecting the health of your body.

Some people think that chiropractic care isn’t necessary unless they have incapacitating back pain. But the truth is, chiropractors are chiefly concerned with nerve pressure, and nerves are everywhere in your body – not just your back.

Patients with asthmaconstipation, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and migraine headaches can also have nerve pressure. The only way to know find out for sure is by getting checked by your chiropractor.